Outdoor Entertainment Area in Tanawah

We were granted with the task of a knock down and re-build outdoor entertainment area in Tanawah recently. Following meeting with the clients we got to work getting the finer details sorted. Being in Tanawah which is a typical sloping site for the area, along with limited access we had a few hurdles to cross. Some of the main struggles we came across was finding suitable contractors that were able to think outside the box to get the job done. We finalised the contract details and Neil and Kay were both delighted as they had previous quote of double our price.

One of the main reasons of this re-build was to make everything to code as the previous builder had undersize timber members and some of the joists were actually being supported by a concrete water tank of which the deck sat over.

Following new engineering details, we dug the new pad footings and laid the new foundations to ensure the new deck wasn’t going anywhere. The client has had some slippage of the main house in the past so this was of real concern to them. All the sub floor members were treated hardwood and the chosen deck board was 90mm merbau.

The client also wished for a roof as the previous structure did not allow for this. This was designed in a way to captualise the amazing views of this property. Finished off with rugged 150mm poles to match the existing house, along with glass balustrade no to obscure the view.

We finished this project on budget and as per timeline and the owners Neil and Kay are over the moon with the end product. They must have been happy as they engaged us to proceed with other work to the property. This was a difficult site build, but by thinking outside the box and utilising contractors with the same mindset, almost anything is achievable.